Succulent lamb chops without grilling

In my first ever attempt at making anything other than chicken and fish (which F.Y.I I’m not too amazing at), I shocked not just myself but my husband who was keeping a tense smile on his face before I brought him to taste them. They were so tender and succulent, I couldn’t believe myself. Dammit I’m not as bad a cook as, let’s face it, I don’t cook much but here I was with some of the most tender lamb chops I’ve eaten. I haven’t eaten that many though cuz of my dog reminding me of lamb/sheep (sorry, I just had to add that).

So what did I do that I normally don’t and how did I get it right in the first attempt?

I didn’t grill it, I didn’t broil it and no I didn’t deep fry it.

Here’s what I did:

After marinating the lamb chops (roughly around 10 of them) for 36 hrs I removed them and left them on the table before I got down to cooking them. Like me if you’ve searched Google for the “best lamb chop recipe” or “best method of cooking tender lamb chops” you’ll notice one thing, “GRILL THEM OR BROIL THEM”.

a) I don’t have a indoor grill and I wasn’t in a mood to start the outdoor one.

b) Shame on me but what the fuck is broiling and how do I use it on my oven? (I told you I wasn’t much of a cook).

So there I knew it, I was low on ammunition and yet I was motivated to hit the bullet on the target.I decided to make them in two separate batches cuz that way I’ll know which method works best without doing it two times over.

After I got really restless, I decided to start off with my lamb chops before the required 30m-60m “getting them to room temperature” ritual.

With the help of my trusty(I don’t like using this word but I can’t find a synonym for it now) tongs and one whole white onion, 1 lemon, sea salt), I set forth what would become my best lamb chops to date.

  • You’ll need two separate pans. One a shallow sauteing pan and the other a deeper (2-3inch high side) pan. I didn’t have the cast iron one. So I used a non stick pan and the other a stainless steel cuisine art pan.
  • I first heated the non stick pan on a medium-high flame, you don’t want to make it too damn hot. Just enough to hear the lamb chop sizzle. I used olive oil and drizzled that on the non stick pan (NSP).
  • Once that heated up, which I knew by testing it with an small onion piece. I put in each chop one by one (In my pan 4 fit) and heard them go “szzzzszzzz” (sizzle). Make sure to space them out evenly cuz that really does work. Over crowding the pan will surely affect the outcome and I was going to make that mistake again.
  • I left it in there fat side down or which ever was the chunkier side for about 3-5m and turned them around. Keeping checking the pan for any burnt up residue cuz that way you can lower the temperature a bit.
  • After this batch was done I put them back along with the rest undone lamb chops sitting in the marinade bowl. And the seared the rest the same way.


  • While I was searing them I preheated the oven to 350F. I got a brownie dish and lined it with foil and sprayed it with cooking spray (I used the canola oil one) and crushed in some pepper and salt (cuz I felt the marinate lacked some salt).
  • Then I placed 4 seared lamb chops on it with the more seared side facing up. I again sprinkled little salt on them and covered them with another foil and put them inside the over for about 15m.
  • After 15m I reduced the oven temp to 300F for the next 5m or so. Then I just turned off the oven and let them sit there while I was doing the next method of lamb chops.
  • Mind you, I was doing them simultaneously so roughly they sat in the over for maybe 40m.

Stove top- Simmer

  • As the last batch was beginning to sear I heated the other stainless steel pan on a medium flame and put in some olive oil followed with the whole onion I cut. Close the lid and let the onions become glossy.
  • After about 8m I removed the lid and added the lamb chops I seared  keeping the flame on medium.
  • Then I added roughly around a 1/2 cup water or just enough to cover them (but not too much) and let it come to a boil.
  • Once it did I reduced the flame to one notch below medium or two depending on your stove top. I let it simmer for as long as I could and yesterday I had a lot of time on hand so it simmered for maybe an 40min.
  • But that’s the other way of getting succulent lamb chops and in this case you’ll have gravy left from the simmering. So have it with Italian stone bread or rice. They’re just delicious. I’ll put up the pics soon.

Honestly the method I preferred was baking in this case but if you want gravy then simmering it will be a good idea. Apply this and tweak it to what you prefer. I don’t know about rear or medium but I like my lamb chops tender and succulent with no lamb odor coming off it.

Magic method: Cooking it on a slow flame is a fool proof method. Let me know of any good recipe cuz even though I have the method I still am looking for a better marinade.

Bon appetit!


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