About me

I’m not really a ‘consistent’ person if you know what that means… but one thing that I try to seek everyday in an unconscious way is humor. What’s life without it? Just like pancakes without maple syrup, cake batter without vanilla essence, sushi without wasabi, although I don’t eat wasabi.

I love animals. I love a lot of things but what I can’t promise is a continuous flow of enthusiasm to everything I love on an ordinary day. I love cookbooks. There’s something about reading one or owning one. It makes you feel powerful like you have all the world’s secrets. I’m yet to make a coq au vin so owning is still a far stretch from honing it.

I seek logic. It’s something I can’t quit doing. I don’t say yes unless you present me with a good reason or are holding me at gunpoint. I’m not much of a planner but again I love collecting tiny pocket calendars and note pads.

I’m not right wing nor left wing. I don’t like belonging to one particular organized party or even religion for that matter. Everything I do in my life is by free will except for when my mom forces me into accompanying her to some relatives wedding. I have a twin brother whom I love dearly and have shared every secret with except for the times when I’d eat his 3 musketeers. Like every daughter, I share a very special bond with my dad though more often than not we agree to disagree.

I don’t see beauty in ‘perfect skin’ or ‘chiseled features’ (also cuz I have neither) but I do see it in scars and the sun shining outside. I double park at times, unintentionally of course, and neither do I know how to make rice.

I do hope the humor in my life brings a smile on your face and feel free to share your side of life too.


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