Love me, love my dog


Sitting pretty with his big brown button eyes and nose.He's the heart and soul of everything sincere and unconditional. Every time I was low and out staring at the stars late in the night, my dog would come by quietly and put his cute little paw on my foot. I don't know if he knows what I'm feeling but he sure knows how to heal a broken heart.

He’s always home for you, he’s not too big, not too skinny and gives a shit about how bad you look. A breath out of his mouth can take you to hell and back. When the world’s pissed at me, he looks up with his big brownish green eyes that tell me I am the best. He’s my yellow Labrador. Aged 7 yrs and counting. He’s the cutest thing I’ve come in contact with since I saw baby polar bears (on TV). He’s chubby, clumsy, handsome and lazy. In a way just perfect for me. Unfortunately, one consequence of marriage: you get a home away from home. In my case, my new home’s a few thousand miles away (by air). And everyday that I talk to my folks back home, I make sure Clipper (my lab) is nestled safely in the comfort of home and family.

Today I have my new best friend, my husband who, thank god, loves my dog. I make sure he does by constantly asking him the name of the worlds most awesome dog (and amazingly he says Clipper). I don’t know how my husband puts up with my madness but that’s a story for another day.

My dog, like me, has different moods and expressions based on how the day is going. Mostly you’ll find him in sleeping poses and on occasion he likes to bark when people walk past though he reserves his energy for his afternoon siesta.

In his 'pass me some sun tan please' pose. Most often you'll find him like this

In his 'pass me some sun tan please' pose. Most often you'll find him like this

When it rains, you would think he’d scoot for cover (to his kennel) but no, instead he sits in the rain and waits for one of us to get him inside the house. He’s intelligent alright. All of us love him and his silly antics and as my dad says ‘drama’ but mostly we just know he’s family to us. He’s our dog.

In his walrus pose or more like a water seal pose.

In his walrus pose or more like a water seal pose.

I love you my big fuzzy yellow dog. You’re my best friend and  I miss you so much…


2 responses to “Love me, love my dog

  1. it’s a few thousand miles by air road sea or any other method of transportation you think of. you’ve gotten slightly numb in the head after going to the states, i think it’s mad cow

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