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My chubby nose

No, I can’t smell any better than my husband who has a small nose. Though I did notice an absence from catching a cold this year.

Apart from that it’s the butt of a lot of jokes, girl convos, boy convos, plastic surgeon’s observation, nick names and also the reason why the only guy I liked in my teens couldn’t be anything more is my nose. It’s there like this elephant sitting in a room filled with Lladro porcelain while hoping to go unnoticed. Yes, it’s lovely isn’t it. At least that’s what my dad said and still says when my twin brother asks him about my nose. He says, “what’s wrong with it? It’s lovely.” Obviously that goes to prove that he’s my proud father and but of course whom else could I have gotten the nose from? No prices for guessing.

If that’s not enough the first guy I liked couldn’t be my boyfriend cuz my big nose was blocking his view from seeing me as more than a friend. That really sounds tragic doesn’t it? I have a pretty decent face and really it’s not that I hate my nose but for some reason eluding me for the last 22 yrs and counting, my nose seems to be getting bigger and bigger. Though in a few elusive angles it looks passable as an average nose, in all other angles it looks rather chubby. Right at the end of the nose bridge (which also surprise surprise is kinda crooked) it begins it’s descent into a fat rounded tip. Luckily I haven’t been a victim of malicious nose attacks and instead been showered with ‘cute nose’ jokes. If there’s any such thing.

Except for family and friends I’m not too sure I’d take nose-slings too well. On occasion I try to get away with the ‘septum deviation’ excuse. Jeniffer Aniston used it? And it worked too. In fact I do think there is one or how else would you explain a child with a straight proportional nose becoming a woman with a somewhat fat Pinocchio nose? I didn’t want to say it but now it’s out there. I hope everybody with a thin slender nose is happy.

It’s just a nose. And yes I did think of plastic surgery but somehow felt that there’s more to my nose than meets the eye. I shouldn’t give up on it nor change it. My husband doesn’t care and my family too loves it. As for my poor nose it’s always been a subject of oddity. What do I think of it? It isn’t ugly, it’s just a chubby nose. Let it be.



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